About company

The company “Intech Analytics” is a complete leader in the vacuum market of Russia. When the company was founded, three main directions were singled out: industrial vacuum, scientific vacuum and microelectronics. And such division exactly allows concentrating and occupying the leading position in each of three segments.

Today “Intech” offers the most advanced decisions with the use of the most modern equipment from the best global manufacturers. It gives an opportunity to choose an optimal solution that satisfies our customers’ demands. Our foreign partners are the largest companies such as Edwards, VAT, HSR, VAT, VIC , Hiden Analytical , Oxford and a number of others.

There is a logistic department, a service center and a design office in the composition of the company. The service center of the company “Intech” is an authorized service center of Russia according to the products that we represent. The design office is engaged in calculations and designing of the systems which create vacuum.

At present the industrial vacuum department realized many tens of systems of different performance. These systems are in demand in different industries such as oil and gas, metallurgy, chemical, nuclear, pulp and paper and many others. The scientific vacuum department provides the leading research and educational institutions of local manufacturers of various products and systems with solutions and equipment. In its turn the microelectronics department supplies complex solutions connected with sputtering and photolithography for various industrial sectors and research institutions.

All our employees pass training in the foreign educational centers of manufacturers. They’ll not only consult you on the required equipment but also, if necessary, design system or installation fully meeting your demands.

For today the customers of the company “Intech” are the largest companies in the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of former CIS. The equipment, we import, passes the customs registration in a full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation with the payment of all collections, customs payments and the VAT.

Working with us we can be assured that the most advanced decisions received from us allow you to achieve the maximum result from the joint work.