• Space simulation
    High-vacuum systems - for space simulation. Ultra-modern systems are based on dry forevacuum pumps, high-performance cryopumps and high-vacuum valves.
  • Vacuum systems for power engineering
    Vacuum systems based on water-packed pump widely used in thermal and nuclear plants. The experience of foreign companies in the development of such systems provides high efficiency in the construction or upgrading of power plants.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
    The company “Intech” offers the modern technologies of the light-emitting diode production for overall lighting and special goals.

About company

The company “Intech Analytics” is a complete leader in the vacuum market of Russia. When the company was founded, three main directions were singled out: industrial vacuum, scientific vacuum and microelectronics. And such division exactly allows concentrating and occupying the leading position in each of three segments.

Today “Intech” offers the most advanced decisions with the use of the most modern equipment from the best global manufacturers. It gives an opportunity to choose an optimal solution that satisfies our customers’ demands. Our foreign partners are the largest companies such as Edwards, VAT, HSR, VAT, VIC , Hiden Analytical , Oxford and a number of others.