• Two stage vacuum pumping systems
    Two stage vacuum pumping systems
    Having vast experience working with the whole product line of backing pumps and Roots vacuum pumps produced by the leading global manufacturers Intech Analytics offers their best combinations within two-stage vacuum pumping systems.
  • Vacuum pumps
    Vacuum pumps
    Nowadays modern production technologies and industrial processes are impossible without using vacuum pumps. Intech Analytics offers the latest highly advanced vacuum pumps produced by the leading global vacuum equipment manufacturers like Edwards, HSR, Gamma Vacuum.
  • Vacuum gauges
    Vacuum gauges
    Today many industrial processes take place under vacuum and need pressure control in a wide range. Unfortunately, there is no physical phenomenon which could be effectively used in vacuum gauges for measuring the required full scale pressure range from atmosphere to high vacuum.
  • Vacuum valves
    Vacuum valves
    Isolation and control vacuum valves are normally essential elements of any vacuum system. They are used for isolating a part or the entire vacuum chamber from pumping system, and for controlling the sequence of pumping. They are also used for venting air or gas into a vacuum chamber.
  • Helium leak detectors
    Helium leak detectors
    Leak tightness is one of the main vacuum system parameters. The excessive leakage of the pumped vacuum system limits the possibility for achieving the required vacuum level, and reduces the equipment service life.
  • Vacuum oils, lubricants and sealants
    Vacuum oils, lubricants and sealants
    Vacuum oils are an integral part of mechanical oil sealed vacuum pumps. Adequately selected vacuum oils provide reliable lubrication of moving parts of a pump, sealing of clearance gaps, proper heat emission and, therefore, ensure smooth and trouble-free operation, and equipment conformity to the specified technical characteristics.
  • Fittings
    Intech Analytics offers a full range of different components to create vacuum systems of various configurations. The list of the offered vacuum fittings includes vacuum flanges, couplers, adapters, bellows, flexible hoses, plugs, sight glasses, seals and many others.
  • Vacuum chambers
    Vacuum chambers
    Due to achieving the required vacuum level with the help of vacuum pumps vacuum chambers, an important part of the vacuum system, are intended for creating certain clean environment to perform research, processes and tests in a vacuum or for isolating industrial processes from atmosphere.
  • Vacuum furnaces
    Vacuum furnaces
    A vacuum furnace is a universal tool, which allows to perform virtually any kind of heat treatment like gas quenching, tempering, cementing, carbonitriding, soft nitriding, annealing, vacuum brazing, plasma nitriding, ceramic sintering, metal powder sintering, degassing and many others.
  • Air Blowers
    Air Blowers
    Intech works with the leading compressed air equipment manufacturers. This allows us to find a solution that will suit virtually any process requiring a constant supply of compressed air.
  • Gas Blowers
    Gas Blowers
    Low pressure compressors – gas blowers- are designed for transfer a wide variety of gases and gaseous media from safe to explosive, inflammable and health hazardous.
  • Steam Jet Ejectors
    Steam Jet Ejectors
    The main partner of our company in supplying steam jet ejector systems is Croll Reynolds - an engineering firm specializing in the design, and manufacture of process vacuum systems and air pollution control technologies.
  • Inlet Vacuum Filters
    Inlet Vacuum Filters
    We offer you simple and reliable protection against dust and other solids which can enter during the process into rotary vane vacuum pumps, slide valve vacuum pumps, scroll vacuum pumps or dry screw vacuum pumps. They are Solberg CSL iInline filters specially designed for the inlet of vacuum pumps.
  • Lithography, galvanics, bonding
    Lithography, galvanics, bonding
    Lithography is an essential process used in micro- and nanofabrication. Lithography (from Greek lithos meaning 'stone', and grapho meaning 'to write') is one of the most widespread patterning processes, a series of photochemical processes creating on the material surface a protective layer with the necessary topology and resistance to aggressive environments and a subsequent process of selective etching or deposition using this protective pattern.
  • Cutting, filing, thinning
    Cutting, filing, thinning
    Machining operations are applied at different stages of the production of semiconductor devices. The quality of the machining operations is always important.
  • Deposition, etching and heat treatment
    Deposition, etching and heat treatment
    Fabrication of microelectronic and micromechanical devices is performed through a series of steps which include growth and deposition of running, contact and insulating layers of lithography and etching. Equipment and techniques of etching, deposition and annealing are the main ways to create any functional device of micro- and nanotechnology.
  • Cleanrooms and vibration solutions
    Cleanrooms and vibration solutions
    Modern measuring facilities, methods and instruments require effective protection against negative impacts of vibration to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Production support equipment
    Production support equipment
    One of the major activities of our company is the development of complex solutions to provide production with the necessary equipment to suit Customer’s specific requirements.
  • Components for semiconductor equipment
    Components for semiconductor equipment
    Intech supplies a full range of components for semiconductor and scientific equipment.
  • Liquid Ring Compressors
    Liquid Ring Compressors
    Safe, reliable, and easy to use CBK series liquid ring compressors with low energy consumption are innovative models of liquid ring compressor equipment. Liquid ring compressors of single or double acting are designed with the help of the leading methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
  • Measuring and analytical equipment
    Measuring and analytical equipment
    Measuring and analytical equipment includes all devices and accessories, with the help of which it is possible to measure different units of value on the basis of practical method.
  • Services
    Service, Repair and Spare Parts Department was established at a time when the company was founded. Since its foundation we support our Clients, provide warranty for all our products, carry out post-warranty service and repair of vacuum pumps, gauges, compressors, machines, leak detectors.