Vacuum and cryogenic equipment

At present the company “Intech Analitics” is the leading company in the Russian market in terms of the deliveries of vacuum and cryogenic equipment with related services (calculation of vacuum systems, start-up adjustment, after-sales service).

The product line provided by the company concerning this direction is more than 10000 items:

  • Forevacuum and high-vacuum means of pumping with productivity from 0,4 to 70000 l/sec, and ability to create vacuum with the depth up to 10-11 mbar. Also this includes cryogenic equipment of HSR and SHI Cryogenics companies that we supply.
  • Vacuum valves of world known brands such as VAT, a Swiss company, and Edwards, an English company, with flanges’ dimensions from 10 to 2000 mm. Besides various vacuum fittings are offered to your attention such as adapters, flanges, silphons, valves and so on.
  • Vacuum measuring equipment which is necessary for vacuum equipment packaging includes sensors, controllers, flow meters and others. This equipment provides accurate measurements within a wide measurement range from 103 to 10-11 mbar.
  • Vacuum fluids – an indispensable condition of quality and productive work of vacuum equipment.
  • Leak indicators for searching leakages of different gases with sensitivity 5x10-13 Pa∙m3/sec

Besides we offer calculation and production of vacuum chambers meeting any customer’s demands.