Products from precios metals

Intech group supplies products made of precious metals of various sizes and fineness for scientific and process solutions.

Today precious metal articles are widely used in various branches of industry, e.g., electrical engineering, chemical machinery, laboratory engineering, medicine, electronic engineering, in production of protective wear resistant anti-corrosion coatings, etc. Along with fine precious metals, various alloys are also used, they are obtained by adding to precious metals in definite proportions the other metals known as alloying metals and their mixtures are called alloyage. Both precious and base metals can be considered alloying metals, but the obtained alloys are always precious. By selection of alloying components we can give different predetermined qualities to alloys like colour, hardness, ductility, melting temperature, casting properties, resistance to chemical attack, and so on. Through this the highest processibillity during production and treatment of various articles and their wear resistance during usage are achieved.

Besides, precious metals and alloys are often used when solving both research and production tasks.

Thus, for example, for getting thin coatings a magnetron sputtering method is applied. This method is characterized by sputtering of material of flat cylindrical or rectangular target in a gas discharge with its subsequent deposition on the sample.

Electron-beam evaporation is another method of coatings application. Pellets or powder of precious material are placed into a crucible of electron-beam evaporator. Then the material is heated by electron beam and evaporates. In the formed flow of evaporating material there is a substrate on which the coating deposition is going.

During gas-flame sputtering powdery, wire or cord material is fed into the flame of oxyacetylene or propane-oxygen torch, the material melts there and then it is transferred by compressed air on the sputtering surface where cooling it forms a coating. This method is simple to learn and use, it can be applied both in the manual and automated modes.

We are glad to offer you a wide range of targets, pellets, particles, powders, cones, wires and other forms made of precious metals and their alloys suitable for various applications.

Intech group conducts complete customs clearance, declaring and delivery of all products.