Industrial Division

The department of industrial vacuum equipment offers you the modern solutions for any industries in the field of the vacuum systems’ designing.

Today the company “Intech” is a recognized leader in the market of Russia concerning vacuum solutions for technological processes. To achieve this result we focused on several directions, such as the cooperation with the leading manufacturers of vacuum technology and the service development for a customer.

Developing our service facilities we learned to understand better our customers’ demands, gained the large experience in calculating and designing of technological vacuum systems. These factors and the substantial support of the leading global manufacturers of vacuum technology allow us to offer something more than just vacuum systems.

We work successfully in different industries:

  • For oil-refining industry we offer classical and reliable steam jet ejector systems by Croll Reynolds. Our solutions already work at the factories of Rosneft (АВТ-12), Lukoil and others.
  • For chemical industry we offer the high tech dry vacuum pumps by Edwards. We are rightfully proud of the fact that we were the first to introduce the dry vacuum technology at chemical factories. The first customer of this project was a company “Sibur”, but now we have the positive performance results of this equipment and the order package for other production.
  • The close cooperation with European engineering companies allows us to offer the complex solutions for outfurnace steel treatment - from the vacuum pumps delivery to the keymaking job including the manufacturing of filtering systems and process automation.
  • For pulp and paper industry we offer the wide solution range - from highly productive water-packed pumps for paper-making machines to airblowers belonging to the line of the air conveying of chips.
  • The blast equipment by Hibon is installed in treatment plants of any productivity - from small local ones to large cities.
  • The vacuum systems based on the water-packed pumps are widely used in the power engineering. At present the company “Intech” takes part in designing and delivering of the systems for new units of nuclear stations.

It is just some examples of our work. The major difference of our company is the complex approach. With the help of our own designing office we already have an opportunity to calculate and design the vacuum system meeting your needs, pack it with the equipment which exactly fits to your process. About 40 % of the supplied vacuum systems are designed and manufactured in the industrial areas of the company “Intech”. We are always ready to provide you with consultations on any issues connected with vacuum technology.